Frequently Asked Questions

Is a garage REQUIRED?

YES.... Window film can NOT be properly installed outside. A garage is needed for protection from direct sunlight and most importantly wind. It also is required to be able to open all of the doors all the way. Window film is installed on the inside of the windows which causes the doors to be pushed all the way open during the install process. Enough room is required to that no damage is caused to the vehicle itself or other property in the garage.

What areas do you service?

Alligator Services the Clermont, Florida and surrounding areas (Orlando, Winter Garden, Lady Lake). If you happen to live in a different area, please reach out and specify where you live just to confirm. I might surprise you.

How is window film installed?

The window film is cut exactly to your car and is installed using a water based solution that will not damage your interior or exterior in any way. The windows are thoroughly cleaned and all stickers removed so there will be nothing between the glass and film.  

Is the film installed on the inside or outside? 

Window film is installed on the inside. It is formed on the outside to insure that it will conform to the curve of your vehicles windows.

How Long does the install take?

Most vehicles take about 1-2 hours. If you are also installing a full windshield it will take about an hour longer. Removing window film can take far longer depending on the vehicle and age of the old film.

Does your window film have a warranty?

All of the window film we offer comes with a lifetime warranty. 

When can I roll my windows down?

You can roll down your windows after 2 days. It takes about one week for the window film to fully cure so it may look a bit hazy or have visible moisture pockets (this will look like orange peel). Don’t worry they will evaporate.

Does darker tint block more heat?

Darker window film does not block more heat. We offer two different heat reduction films if that is the top priority so you don’t have to sacrifice visibility for better heat rejection.

Why is there a white, or uneven border around my window you just tinted??

The white or uneven  border that surrounds most back windows and quarter windows after window tint is installed is caused by the raised ceramic dots (dot matrix). The reason you see a discrepancy in color after window film is installed is because the ceramic dots are raised off the glass. The window film can not lay completely flat against and in between these dots. The tiny bit of air between the dots that the film can not stick in between looks white because the black film is not touching the glass 100%. It is not noticeable on windshields because the film is clear and so you do not see the color discrepancy because the windshield films are not black in color.

Why does a ceramic coating cost so much?

There is a great deal of preparation that needs to be done before a ceramic coating is applied and installed. It takes days to be done correctly and it must be done in an enclosed garage.

When is the best time to have my car detailed and coated?


New Car Protection is often overlooked. “It’s brand new! It shouldn’t need polishing!?”

If you are like most, you’d expect a new car to be delivered and presented with the utmost of care, boasting flawless paintwork and perfect in every way (with nothing to hide). Unfortunately, this is rarely the case! From resprayed panels on Ford’s, to sanding marks, paint nibs and machine buffertrails on Tesla’s. Whether you purchased a $10,000 commuter car or a $500,000 super car, it’s nice to know that someone so passionate has taken care of your vehicle.


Storage conditions, damage in transportation and at the factory and poor unskilled PDI preparation at the Dealership can lead to a whole array of defects and problem areas that may need addressing. Fine scratches, surface marring, factory induced sanding marks, machine holograms, bird lime etching, metallic fallout and lacquer “fish eyes” to name but a few. This is usually caused by the “lack of care” and “lack of time” most dealerships wash their cars with. This is because the dealership is focused on selling or turning over many cars in a month. Their concern is not “detailing” as I define it. They only need it to be clean to the naked eye for the delivery process.


It is advised to ask the supplying Dealership not to touch the car prior to collection. No wash. No polish… This way, we reduce the need for costly paint correction services where fine scratches and swirls from bad contact could have easily been induced in the preparation stages.